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    Why Choose Us As Your Stucco Contractor?

    Since we have a team of trained and experienced individuals, our stucco experts will acutely look at and audit your construction. Whether you’re looking to finish your house in stucco for the first time, or you want to repair an existing stucco cladding, our expert installers can give you advice on choosing the finish that’s right for your structure.

    Professional Stucco Services in Brooklyn

    Professional Team

    We have a team of professional who are working on stucco repair in brooklyn Ny with over 16 years of experience in the filed, so we do not hesitate to take on any challenge. Because we are working in this industry for quite a long time now and we have a wide range of designs and styles you can choose for your stucco project.


    Accessibility is by far the most concerning thing about it. And we assure you that we are available 24/7 for your concerns and queries. Furthermore, you are more than welcome to contact us anytime and we must provide you with all the details and the current status of your project.

    QUALITY Flooring Services

    Are you searching for the right deck that best suits your home stylistic theme? If indeed, We can help you with that. We comprehend that the deck is significantly more than simply the surface you stroll on. Accordingly, our stucco specialists endeavour to convey wonderful yet useful deck arrangements.

    Affordable Prices

    We offer cost-effective services and wouldn’t be a burden on your budget. We believe that one should never compromise on anything while building a house and maintaining it because that’s where you will spend the rest of your life only if you are not considering moving any time soon. Moreover, you should never take a risk and trust anyone with your hard-earned money. And that is why you won’t find any other reasonable and affordable contractor than us.

    Customers Reviews

    For my first income property. I purchased a real fixer upper.I needed a fast, quality and cost effective solution for the exterior. I found this company through google. Needless to say they did an amazing stucco job. I loved the colour they recommended. They sure gave this eye sore some curb appeal. They were friendly and professional. Thank you !!!
    Gerald B
    Raja and his team is a team of professionals. Very responsive to all our questions and the house looks amazing. We had to replace one side of stucco completely and decided to refinish and change the rest of the house's color at the same time. The work was done quickly and professionally. Raja was great with communication and made sure the end product fit our needs
    Ny City Contractors did a fantastic job replacing all of the plaster around the base of my brick home. There was quite a lot of prep work, but the team was upbeat, postive and professional. There were some tough spots to cover and the crew worked together well to brainstorm alternatives. Also Raja was super reponsive to email or calls and getting a bid was super easy. Highly recommend!
    Maria Magallanes
    We had our house completely re-stuccoed by Ny City Contractors and were extremely satisfied with their work. Their attention to detail, cleanliness of the site, workmanship and reliability was exceptional. Our neighbours were so impressed with their work that they had their house redone as well. We would highly recommend Ny City Contractors.
    Frank Shillings

    Our Stucco Service

    You might have gotten a little bit of idea about our expertise in this field but if you are still having second thoughts then here is a brief about each stucco service  that we provide.

    Traditional Stucco

    Otherwise called three-coat plaster, this type is, as its name infers, the traditional strategy for stucco. It’s pre-arranged utilising Portland concrete, limestone, sand, and water.

    The initial step is a base layer of cross-section and paper, trailed by two layers of plaster, applied most frequently utilising extraordinary scoops: a scratch coat (stage two), and an earthy colored coat (stage three).

    The last topcoat polishes off the conventional plaster application, albeit the completing coat isn’t viewed as one of the means, since an application needs to incorporate a topcoat.

    The conventional plaster application can be done off with surfaces and tones that make it exceptional to your home or building. Weather its traditional stucco or commercial stucco repair, Ny City Contractors can do any stucco repair.

    tradional stucco
    modern stucco

    Modern Stucco

    Present-day or one-coat stucco uses a Styrofoam moving instead of the scratch coat utilised in three-coat plaster. The froth board is covered by a mix of Portland concrete with sand and filaments. The froth load up gives protection and diminishes the time required between layers of plaster. The last topcoat added can likewise be redone with various surfaces and tones.

    Present-day or one-coat plaster uses a Styrofoam moving instead of the scratch coat utilised in three-coat plaster. The froth board is covered by a mix of Portland concrete with sand and filaments. The froth load up gives protection and diminishes the time required between layers of plaster. The last topcoat added can likewise be redone with various surfaces and tones.

    Exterior Insulation And Finishing System Stucco

    EIFS plaster is unique to one coat and three coat stucco establishments in that it consolidates engineered layers to cover a structure.

    Ordinarily, there are six layers, uniting a water-safe base coat, protection sheets, a base of acrylic or polymer concrete, cross-section support, and a finished completion or topcoat.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to each sort of plaster, contingent upon your circumstance. Assuming that you’re searching for the top Plaster Workers for hire to assist with figuring out what you want, contact us to work with you and make a delightful new completion to your home. Because we provide top-notch plastering services in brooklyn.

    exterior insulation and finishing system
    stucco waterproofing

    Stucco Waterproofing

    We offer our advantageous Stucco waterproofing service by fixing a wide range of plaster concerns. Breaks might create in the plaster as a result of building settling or direct harm to the outside covering. When water can break the covering, whether through an opening in the actual plaster or from underneath its surface, delicate plaster can start to clasp and disintegrate. Along these lines, a plaster fix ought to be completed when the issue becomes noticeable, as water harm just deteriorates with time. Stucco can be applied to workmanship like block or stone, or wood which can likewise be harmed by dampness invasion. Harm to the actual plaster prompts further dampness invasion that fuels the weakening of the completion. We are a team of professionals let us handle your eifs stucco repair.

    Installation Of Stucco Siding

    Stucco siding carries astonishing flexibility to your home. It is reasonable, as well as profoundly easy to use, as well as making the external dividers of your home look delightful. We additionally give our clients admittance to various assortments of plaster for their siding too, be it an advanced look or an antiquated one, or on the other hand assuming that you need an engineered stucco, shell plaster, or some other sort, we run the range with our choices for stucco completions and surfaces.

    Installation of Stucco Siding
    stucco delamination

    Stucco Delamination

    Stucco homes are alluring for the appearance and their flexibility. Specialists and property holders the same value the exemplary polish of stucco however much they value its dependable nature. Like anything, be that as it may, when stucco is inappropriately introduced, issues emerge. Our specialists can give you the straight chat on what causes stucco delamination and what to do about it.

    Hire Best Stucco Contractors Near You

    We guarantee you value services provided by us that you can trust as well as prevalent workmanship by the absolute most experienced, gifted, and proficient workers for hire in the town. We go for the gold with our stucco services, since we know the significance of having fulfilled clients. Because we provide the best stucco repair near you.

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