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    Why Choose Us As Your Painting Contractor?

    Do you know what makes you and us similar? Well, it’s the thought of making your house as elegant as possible. We offer various painting services in Brooklyn that can turn your typical house into a magical place within days. Yes, you heard it right, So hire us if you are looking for painting contractor in Brooklyn Ny. We have a team of professional painters for whom your house is a blank canvas, and they bring it to life using your suggestions and our efforts. So why wait hire profeesional room painter near you,

    Professional Home Painting Services


    Painting a house is quite an art, and you wouldn't want to mess it up if you don't know how to do it the right way. Hence, we offer our professional home painting services and that too, at very reasonable prices. Since we believe in quality over quantity and strive to work by this motto every day, you shouldn't be worried about handing over your project to us.


    When it comes to accessibility, we make sure none of our customers stays unattended. Hence, you can have us at your service with 24/7 accessibility. You won't have to wait much and can get your work done as soon as possible. We believe that the first rule of any business is to create a serene customer service that can help fix the communication gap between both parties.

    Quality House Painters

    You should never retain your house to anyone to make it look good until or unless you trust their work. We know how important this space is for you, and that is why we gather a team of some of the most professional and experienced painters that can work for you.

    Affordable Prices

    With the years of experience we have in this domain, we can easily tell if someone is scamming you with their expensive services. This is what makes our work different from others. You can get your hands on these services without the cost of eternity, and by that, we assure you that each service we offer comes to you at a reasonable price.

    Customers Reviews

    This was my first experience with Ny City Remodeling Company. They basically did a complete home renovation for me - bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, and painting. This was done "remotely", because I live in California, but they did what I asked them to do, and did a good job! I give them the highest possible rating!
    Adam Smith
    Efficient, courteous, fast, and completed my exterior house painting as agreed. I would recommend this company! Raja, the owner, carefully managed the job and provided support quickly, as needed. Careful workers were responsive to feedback, friendly, polite and unobtrusive.
    We engaged Ny City Contractors to paint our front porch railings, columns, trim around doors and our cabana. We're very pleased with the results and would be happy to recommend Ny City Contractors to others. The painters completed the job professionally and within two days.
    George E. Harrison
    Raja and his team did a really exceptional job with our place. They managed to fit us into a crammed schedule, and did an absolutely beautiful job with not only the painting, but a substantial amount of patching and repair as well. We're so so happy with the results!

    Our Painting Services Include

    Interior House Painting Services

    However, we have a wide range of options for painting, and it might take some time to get through this in detail, but we try to keep it as precise as we can. Our painting in Brooklyn range includes two essential services, interior painting nyc and exterior painting, respectively. We never take painting the interior as a typical house chore; instead, for us, it’s something beyond just colouring the walls to make them look nice. Our professional team works hard to make sure not a single corner of your house is left without paint. 

    On top of that, the experience these painters have is exceptional, and you can witness it once you let them do your project. They handle all of the logistics of your home and assure you that the job has been done pretty well. We guarantee that we are the best house painters in Brooklyn Ny.

    interior house painting services
    Interior house painting

    On top of that, the experience these painters have is exceptional, and you can witness it once you let them do your project. They handle all of the logistics of your home and assure you that the job has been done pretty well. 

    Aside from using paint to hide cracks on your wall, a fresh coat of paint can completely transform the interior of your house. You can explore various paint colours and select the one that makes you skip a heartbeat and leave the rest to us. Our professional painters in nyc are trained enough to improve your space by just painting your walls dramatically. Our Interior painting services include the following steps. 

    House Painting

    • Select the colour you want on your walls 
    • Cover the surrounding so that paint doesn’t create a mess
    • Prep the walls 
    • Apply the new paint 
    • Clean everything up

    Types of Spaces to Paint

    • Bedroom painting 
    • Bathroom painting
    • Kitchen painting 
    • Living room painting 
    • Hallway painting 

    Exterior House Painting Services

    Along with the interior of your house, you should also focus on the exterior because that is what creates the very first impression. The excellent taste in the paint can turn many heads towards you, and if that’s not the accomplishment you need right now, we don’t know what else. Whether you are looking for an exterior painters in Brooklyn Ny or you want to freshen everything up with an aesthetic touch, we have your back! 

    We always look forward to trying something new, something that can make our project stand out in a crowd. And we believe painting its exterior can do wonders. Plus, it’s the fastest way to sell your house, only if you want to. Choose Ny City Contractors if you are looking for exterior house painting services near you.

    Exterior Paint Work
    exterior house painting

    Even after all of this, you should remember that exterior painting is a difficult task that takes several days to complete. But f you hand it over to our experienced painters, you can have our word to make it done way before the deadline. The quality services we provide aren’t that easy to grab, so trust us with your project, and you will surely see a significant difference before and after. 

    Exterior Paint Colors

    When you decide to paint your house, the first thing you do is choose the perfect colour. But be mindful that there are other elements you should also keep into your consideration while painting. 


    First things first, the surrounding of your house is going to influence the colour you might want to paint on the exterior. Hence if the surrounding is covered by shade, you should go with lighter shades rather than the brighter ones. However, there is always room to improvise, so if you want to blend everything into trees, a darker colour may help. 


    Another thing that influences that impacts exterior painting is the house’s architecture. Whether it’s a 50s Victorian-style construction or traditional colonial, we make sure the paint can draw attention to each architectural detail.  

    Existing Colors

    Here’s the deal, the roof over your head, your driveway, gravel, and mulch will not change colours when you paint. Consider how you would want the process to complement these specific features of your home. 

    Exterior Painting Project

    Painting the house’s exterior part usually takes more than interior painting because a lot goes into it. So you might need to keep yourself calm until we are done and dusted. Nothing is wiser than hiring professionals for this job. Here’s how it goes;


    the first and foremost thing is to wash your house way before you want it to be painted. We do this to clean up the dirt and grime so that painting can be done smoothly. 


    Scraping is essential to get rid of loose paint. Otherwise, it will create a nasty look, and you wouldn’t want that, right? 


    Sanding is essential because it smooths the exterior surface and makes it ideal so the paint can adhere properly.


    We make sure that everything is in good shape, and of ts not, then it is better to patch them before. Until the damage is repaired, it shouldn’t be painted. 


    The surface should be primed to achieve better results; each prime is different. The paint manufacturer must indicate how many coats are needed


    Cracks can cause moister to seep through, so we seal them before painting. 


    Hire Painters In Your Area

    When considering an exterior house painting by yourself, you better ask yourself if you have all the necessary equipment or not? Is it okay to risk it all? Do I want to take the threat? Will I take my time and do a good job? If you answer yes to all of those questions, only then go for a DIY option. Otherwise, try out experienced painters like us.

    We have more than enough experience to get the job done. Moreover, we have a certified, expert, and ensured team of house painters. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction and great work, and you can have our word! So if you are looking for house painting services near me, Ny City Contractors are here for you. 

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