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    Interior & Exterior Painting

    With a wide variety in painting options that we provide our customers are never leave unsatisfied, we have professional painters in our team that ensure that every spot and corner of building is painted to perfection. We offer different paint finishes that include Flat/Matte, Satin, Eggshell, Semi-gloss and High gloss, we make sure that our professionals not only bring colors to your building but to your life as well.

    Complete Remodeling

    With our years of experience in the field of construction and remodeling services we help in building the dreams of our customers into reality. When we remodel your living space or work space, we make sure that you get maximum functionality and a beautiful look, we add every element so that the entire theme is in sync and a seamless design comes out of it. Our customers put their complete trust in us and we make sure that we always go above and beyond their expectations. When customers ask can you build our dreams into reality we say, Yes We Can!


    Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen is the most essential part of any living space and we make sure that with our skills and your imagination we build the most functional and elegant kitchen. We provide complete kitchen renovation services and believe in using the best material in any given budget. We produce original designs that assist in functionality and ensure that every element in the kitchen serves a purpose in helping our customers. Modern designs, latest techniques and the newest technology, all of this can be used in your kitchen with our help, so come on let’s get cooking!

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    small bathroom

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Mornings begin with our trips to the bathrooms so it is important to design them in a way that refreshes the mind, with the help of the best bathroom equipment and our expertise we make that possible. We bring to our customers the best bathroom remodeling solutions to create unique and beautiful bathrooms, with the optimal placement of every element in the bathroom. Our plumbing expertise ensure that there is no flaw in the piping system thus providing a piece of mind to our valued customers. we use the given space to achieve maximum utility, while maintaining an elegant design that is personalized according to the needs of customers. So let’s start creating a soothing oasis

    Steps/Concrete Work

    One of the most important part of the house and the one that is ignored the most are the steps to the house, but at NY City Contractors we focus on every aspect making sure that our customers get a beautiful path to their homes. There are numerous hazards linked to steps, we provide the best solutions that focus on safety, functionality and design. We repair damaged steps as well so that there are no creaks or cracks in the staircase. So we ensure that steps to a better future are provided to our customers. Concrete work is quite common in our field and we have made sure that it is done to perfection, making sidewalks, repairing them, making drive ways and all other concrete work facilities are provided here at NY City Contractors. We believe that beauty lies in the simplest of things and with prefect concrete work the entire appearance of the house can be enhanced, with the help of quality control techniques we ensure that every layer is up to the mark.

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    redesigned house

    Mason Work

    Creating beautiful exteriors take skills and experience both of which you can find at NY City Contractors, our team is an expert in mason work and makes sure that every brick and block is placed with precision and perfection. We use the latest equipment and design to build modern and unique structures that are meant to last. Contact us today so we can build the walls that protect you.


    We also have expertise in laying and restoring floors, with a wide variety of options that we offer for floors our customers are always left more than satisfied. Our options include, Hardwood flooring, Laminate flooring, Vinyl, different types of Tile flooring, Natural stone Tile flooring and Carpeting. We are always open to new ideas and make sure what our customers picture comes to reality, we are not only offering beauty but also durability. So come let’s create beautiful designs.

    Vinyl Flooring


    We provide stucco services, where we make sure that your cement walls have a nice texture to them, the quality of materials we use are the best and are sure to keep your walls protected. We give the option of both 1 and 3-coat system to our customer depending upon their need. You can also select the type of finish you want either it be cement or acrylic.