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    Why Choose Us As Your Concrete Contractor?

    There are several reasons why you should hire us as your concrete contractors. First of all, because we are reliable. However, we assume this should be enough reason for choosing us. But since, it doesn’t work like that so how about affordability? We offer our construction services at the most reasonable rates and it won’t cost you a lot. Furthermore, we have a professional and experienced team that will ensure that everything is going smoothly. So if you are looking for the best concrete repair in Brooklyn Ny. Ny City Contractors is the best option.

    Professional Concrete Contractor in Brooklyn

    Professional Concrete Contractor in Brooklyn

    Our team consists of some of the most hardworking and experienced workers who handle every project with a responsibility to deliver the best results. If you are tired of online scammers then this is high time you should consider licensed and professional contractors. Apart from being the licensed contractors in Brooklyn, we are also professionals and assure you that if you hire us for your project you won’t regret your decision because our dedicated team knows how to get the work done without creating chaos. Therefore, give us a shot and hire us today for your project.


    Accessibility is by far the most concerning thing about it. And we assure you that we are available 24/7 for your concerns and queries. Furthermore, you are more than welcome to contact us anytime and we must provide you with all the details and the current status of your project.

    Quality Concrete Services

    Quality is in our name and it’s the promise we live by! Our experience and workmanship guarantees a top quality job every time. Our concrete driveways in brooklyn are built with Quality in mind. Whether we are doing a new driveway or driveway replacement in Brooklyn, we provide a professional service. So if you are looking for any kind of concrete services then you have landed at the right place.

    Affordable Prices

    We offer cost-effective services and wouldn’t be a burden on your budget. We believe that one should never compromise on anything while building a house and maintaining it because that’s where you will spend the rest of your life only if you are not considering moving any time soon. Moreover, you should never take a risk and trust anyone with your hard-earned money. And that is why if you are looking for brick driveway repair or any concrete work then you won’t find any other reasonable and affordable contractor than us.

    Customers Reviews

    I decided to get the walkway and porch of my house redone, as a first home owner I didn't have much experience in this line of work but I have seen Raja's previous work from neighbours and I wanted to try them out. I wasn't sure on the colour scheme to chose nor design but Raja walked me through the process. His workmanship and passion for his work is quite clear. He chose appropriate colours that would look best with the exterior of my home. I am extremely happy with the end result and I recommend anyone wanting to have concrete done to contact Ny City Contractors.
    Benjamin L. Johnson
    We called Ny City Contractors because our back patio and front porch entryway dropped significantly. Steps were almost dangerous to walk up, especially in the front. Filled out the free quote request and we were contacted the following day. From that point forward, the staff were friendly and professional. The original work date scheduled a month away. However, we were pleasantly surprised that they moved the date to the following week. What a fantastic difference in the height achieved! Now the steps are normal and the seal around my concrete looks good. Great product and service. Thank you.
    Ehab Anis
    Our three concrete veranda steps needed a crack repaired and resurfacing on the backs and sides. Several other concrete companies would not consider the work as they deemed it too small a job. Ny City Contractors gave us a reasonable estimate and time frame and were very helpful in discussing what needed to be done. They came at the agreed time and completed the work in the agreed time frame. Raja did a very nice job and was very accommodating and helpful. Both Raja (the owner) and Mustafa were very pleasant to deal with.
    Lisa Margaret
    Ny City Contractors installed stamped concrete on my patio and driveway last year. They did an amazing job in a very professional manner. They were on time. Raja and his team worked patiently with me through the process of designing and choosing the colors and they were up to their word. This year they backed up their work and Raja also did some maintenance and fixed few sealant issues in a very professional way. I am very pleased with their work! Ny City Contractors prices are reasonable and with the level of professionalism you get, it is worth every penny! I highly recommend them!
    Jason Feng

    Our Concrete Services Include

    From repairing damaged sidewalks to renovating your entire walkways and pavers, you can find each service you are looking for on our website. However, we are not the only contractors in the town but we surely are the trusted and affordable ones. With our continuous efforts and professionalism, you won’t regret your decision to hire us.

    Concrete Repair Services

    We know that no one wants to have broken and damaged sidewalks and pavers and hence we provide some of the best concrete repair services. Services that we offer include a wide range of repairs because we know that damaged walkways not only look bad but it also affects the value of your property and creates various hazards for pedestrians. So, shouldn’t you find a long-lasting solution to this problem? And if you are actually seeking help for handyman concrete work near you then consider our services to be available for your assistance 24/7.

    We have a serene and durable three-step process for your concrete-related problems. Whenever you encounter any related problem, the first thing you have to do is to give us a call and leave the rest to us. We will send our team to the site and after examining everything they will start the work. Meanwhile, you can rest and wait for exceptional results.

    Concrete Repair Services
    sidewalk repair

    Sidewalk Services

    The first thing anyone notices while entering your property is the exterior as well as the sidewalk, hence, you need to keep it up to date. But how are you going to do that? Well, we guess, this shouldn’t be your headache if you hire sidewalk violation removal contractors like us. We ensure the safety of your property. And that too with renovating it into a completely new look. Sidewalks are supposed to be comfortable and that is why no one pays attention to their details but you don’t have to be worried about it anymore. Because we are the best sidewalk repair contractors and it’s our duty to make it look as new as the day one. Whether it’s busted, fragmented, or anything, our team of experts makes sure that they put 100 percent effort into what they do. Moreover, since we like to start the work at the earliest, you can get it done way before the given deadline. So if you are looking for sidewalk repair in Brooklyn, Ny, The City Contractors are here for you.

    Walkways & Pavers

    If you are looking to add a new walkway or patio installation in Brooklyn NY to your commercial or residential property but want a design alternative that adds unique, custom-built flair, you should definitely check out  Paver stone walkways. You might ask, why is that? Well, because it’s becoming an increasingly popular option. Besides, considering its attractive nature, and the design opportunities that they present to property owners, this is no surprise why everyone wants that. You can have it all done on time without the hassle by turning to a professional paver stone installation contractor like us. Furthermore, you can make certain that you get the results you need. It’s our promise to deliver the best work and we are known to fulfil our promises that is why our clients trust us the most. And if you want the same quality paving in brooklyn or driveway pavers in Brooklyn, Ny for you then you should already contact us with your queries and concerns.

    walkways & pavers
    Violation Removal

    Violation Removal

    Receiving a sidewalk violation from the government can create lots of problems for you and if you have received one then you might need help. We are proud to say that we work really hard to remove violations whether it’s just a sidewalk or an entire property. Since these violations can be pretty serious and can cause you an arm and leg. So, if you are not financially stable to afford a violation then it’s time to remove it. Dodging a legal trouble bullet can be hard and you might get overwhelmed by the fact that you have a deadline to work on this problem. Therefore, you can rely on our service of violation removal. You can count on us to get your job done pretty quickly and you are not going to receive another violation. So if you are looking for basement violation removal contractors or building violations removal, just grab your phone and call us and give us a brief about your situation and witness your work getting done in no time.


    If you notice any problem or receive a repair notice and looking for a concrete patio contractors or stamped concrete contractors in Brooklyn then just give us a call.

    We will send our team as soon as possible to examine the problem and start the repairs.

    We are known to handle repairs up to all current codes and we try our best to protect you from unnecessary fines. 


    You might have heard the phrase that talkers aren’t the doers and that is why we don’t believe in just talking. Or else we would have said a lot of good things about our services. Anyways, if you are really looking forward to hiring the best Brooklyn concrete contractors that can not only get the work done on time but you can trust them for a long-term project too and also we are the best asphalt repair company near you.

    general contractors near you with complete REMODEING AND REPAIRING services

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