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    Why Choose Us as Your Remodelling Services?

    Are you tired of seeing the same old living space every day and looking for remodeling contractor in Brooklyn, New York? Well, you might need to change it ASAP, or else you can remodel it. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Anyway, you might have heard about us and our remodelling services since we have quite a name in the market. We provide you with the best professional full home remodelling services and that too at a very reasonable price.



    People often get scammed while hiring home remodelling services because they don’t know about the process completely. However, if you choose us, we try our best to maintain a healthy and professional attitude toward the assigned task. Our professionals assure every little detail by themselves. By hiring our team, you get a knock-out renovation of each corner of your house. Our professionals work with devotion and handle your property with care throughout the remodelling process. You can trust us with your ideas and since we are open to suggestions, you can also bring those ideas to the table so that we can use them to renovate your living space according to your lifestyle and choice. We understand that comfort comes first when you talk about home, therefore, our team of professionals use their expertise to match your expectations. So, feel free to contact us with your concerns and queries and you shall find us to assist you for your brooklyn remodeling.


    How you can contact us? Our customer support is available 24/7, 7 days per week. And the great thing is that you can be with us throughout your complete remodeling. It is our obligation to keep you refreshed about your project. Besides, you can always suggest to us if you want any changes or addition to our ideas.

    Quality Remodeling Services

    Have you ever wondered what quality remodelling means? If not then let us do the honour. A quality remodelling includes everything that can not only make your house look great but also stays longer than the usual renovation. Because we all know how costly it would be to remodel your house every six months. That is why people prefer services that can last for a year or two or until we afford to renovate it again. When was the last time you changed the complete look of your house? Let us guess, a year or two back, right? This makes it the perfect time to do it again. Shall we? We use everything in our hands and expertise to make sure each corner of your house looks aesthetically appealing. We suppose you shouldn’t take much time deciding whether to hire us or not after reading our thoughts. Because deep down in your heart you are agreed to pretty much everything we have stated so far.

    Affordable Prices

    What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of remodelling your house or any living space completely? Of course, the budget. Right? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this because, since the day we started this business, we thought to make it as affordable as possible. We know how tiring and time-consuming the whole process can get and every home deserves to be taken care of now and then. Besides, even a simple renovation can get pretty costly and not everyone can afford that. That is the reason why we made sure that you find our services not only great but also easy on the budget. By hiring us, you can not only give your house a complete touch-up but you wouldn’t have to spend so much money too. Price does not matter but the quality does, hence you don't have to be worried about the money and leave the rest to us.

    Customers Reviews

    This was my first experience with Ny City Remodeling Company. They basically did a complete home renovation for me - bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, and painting. This was done "remotely", because I live in California, but they did what I asked them to do, and did a good job! I give them the highest possible rating!
    Luis D. Orr
    Raja and his team was assigned for to remodel two bathrooms in my house. The master bath and the other one that's in the hallway. I am very pleased with the work they did on both of them. The workers were all on time and everything went as scheduled. They were respectful to me and of my home, and they were very professional. I felt that their pricing was fair for the work they did. I would use their service again and I would recommend them to others.
    Alisa Reyes
    What I liked the most about the people over at Ny City Contractors is that they were very organized. They had a schedule for the project and they really stuck to that schedule as much as they could and because of that they got the project done on time. That is big for me because it is not very often that a remodeling project is finished on time. They also were very intent on making sure that everything was the way we wanted it. They just made it a really pleasant experience for us.
    I went to Raja when I was in a hurry to get a project done, I was having surgery soon and needed someone who could get the job done quick. We had to replace a bathtub in our home and have it turned into a shower. The people who came out from Ny City Contractors were very accommodating, worked very well with my schedule, and got the work done quickly. I am very happy with the work they did for me, and I highly recommend them.
    Leslie B. Santana

    Our Complete Remodelling Services Include

    Home Remodelling Brooklyn

    What are the basic things that you consider before renovating your home? You check out the expertise of your contractor as well as his experience in the field. Whether you are looking for remodeling contractor in Brooklyn or anywhere in New York City, you can only find these two things in us. We are quite famous for a knockout renovation. So if you are busy or have no time to find contractors that provide all-in-one services then feel free to be our guest!

    We are glad to provide an all-in-one experience, integrating design, product, and remodelling services into one company. We have a comprehensive and convenient approach that helps you to pursue great and improved results and that too without making any changes in your hectic schedule and life.

    It’s our first and foremost duty to ensure an aesthetically functional home that is not just a treat to your eyes but also lasts longer. Because usually, we don’t pay attention to the architecture and have to encounter other problems later on. But with us, you don’t have to worry about all these things. Just leave everything to our professionals and trust us with your project. 

    Just like everyone has their way of working so do we and it all consist of six simple steps.

    home remodeling

    Just like everyone has their way of working so do we and it all consist of six simple steps.

    An in-home consultation

    We believe in an in-home consultation and by that we mean to have a brief meet-up at your place so that we can discuss everything related to complete home renovation. In this meeting, we talk about goals and design visions that we have in our minds and address each concern you may have with the whole renovation process.

    A design and proposal meeting

    Once the initial meeting is done is time to conduct a proposal meeting just to let you know that you will be included in everything from start to end. Of course, because we welcome new ideas and renovation goals from your side too.

    A kickoff meeting

    Now it’s time to get your approval so that we can start our work. and for that our project manager will directly meet you to discuss each thing to finalise the design. In this meeting, all the necessary measurements will be discussed.

    Product selection

    The great thing while working with us is that your project/design manager is going to accompany you while you shop for materials, appliances, and fixtures for your home.

    Permits and construction

    From the moment you approve your design plan and work scope, we will begin the permit process. And once that is done our team will be set to work.


    We make sure that after the completion of the project everything is meticulously cleaned. Now you can check everything out and evaluate our performance

    kitchen remodeling

    Kitchen Remodelling Brooklyn

    The kitchen deserves your attention just like every other space in your home. Hence, you need a professional team to remodel your kitchen. And since it’s one of our expertise, you don’t have to go too far to find an experienced team. You might be thinking how are we going to do that, right? Well, it’s pretty simple. First of all, we look at three key areas that we believe should be present in your kitchen. We guarantee that Ny City Contractors are providing the best kitchen remodeling near you.


    Brooklyn Exteriors Remodelling

    If you are tired of hiring non-professionals and looking for a team of professionals for the complete exterior remodelling contractor then you have landed in the right place. We offer professional and best services under the supervision of experts. All you have to do is to reach out to us, discuss your concerns and pour in suggestions and ideas, how would you want everything to be done. And leave the rest to us. We assure you that your project will be completed in the given timeline. Moreover, you can evaluate our performance too.

    exterior remodeling
    replacement siding

    Replacement Siding Brooklyn

    Siding replacement is considered to be one of the most valuable improvement projects for your home. And if you want expert examination along with suggestions and construction, you will always find us at your disposal. Because our ultimate goal is to provide not only a comfortable living experience but also exquisite construction whether it comes under the category of remodelling or siding replacement.

    Brooklyn Replacement Windows

    Since you are replacing things, we assume, you should consider windows too. Don’t you think it might look odd to remodel everything except for the windows? Well, if you do, you know who to call and hire. It’s us! Our team of experts and professionals thrives every day to provide you with the best of services according to your taste!

    replacement windows

    Hiring the Best Remodeling Contractors Near Me

    Looking for a construction remodeling near me? Ny City Contractors can build your dream house . We are professional contractor offering premium construction services in Brooklyn, New York. We can do any kind of construction job. From project design, estimation, material purchase & the labour, trust Ny City Contractors to do the job for you. We further ensure price and quality control. So whether you are building or constructing a house, office, or a commercial building, or remodeling your property, We are ready to service you. Our prices are affordable and on top of that we are the best basement remodeling contractor near you

    general contractors near you with complete REMODEING AND REPAIRING services

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