Top 8 Colorful Hummingbird Flowers To Grow

Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

Known for its striking red flowers, the Cardinal Flower attracts hummingbirds and grows well in partial shade to full sun. Requiring consistently moist soil,

Bee Balm (Monarda species)

Bee Balm, with its tubular flowers in pink, red, white, or violet, is a favorite among hummingbirds. Growing up to 4 feet tall in full sun, it starts flowering in midsummer.

Penstemon (Penstemon species)

Native Penstemons come in various forms and colors, making them versatile options for attracting hummingbirds. They thrive in full sun and well-draining soil.

Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens)

This colorful vine, native to many areas, climbs up to 12 feet tall and produces trumpet-shaped flowers that hummingbirds love.

Eastern Red Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)

Resilient and easy to grow, the Eastern Red Columbine performs well in part to full shade. Its crimson spurs and bright yellow stamens attract hummingbirds.

Agastache (Agastache species)

Also known as hummingbird mint, Agastache species feature tiny tubular flowers in various colors and shapes. With excellent drainage and full sun.

Catmint (Nepeta species)

Catmint is a low-maintenance, long-blooming perennial that attracts hummingbirds with its blue blooms. Heat-tolerant and pest-resistant, it provides a continuous food source, especially after shearing.

Hosta (Hosta species)

While known for their foliage, Hostas also produce bell-shaped blooms that hummingbirds enjoy. These shade-loving plants provide nectar sources in hues ranging from purple to white.