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The 10 Most Popular Cocktails Right Now

Bourbon Old Fashioned:

A timeless cocktail made with bourbon, sugar, water, and bitters, dating back 200 years and still immensely popular today.

Espresso Martini:

A resurgence in popularity for this 80s favorite, made with vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, and simple syrup.


A classic cocktail dating back over a century, featuring rye or bourbon, sweet vermouth, and bitters, garnished traditionally with a brandied cherry or a lemon twist.

White Russian:

Made famous by "The Dude," this comforting drink combines vodka, Kahlúa, and heavy cream.

Dirty Martini:

A briny and sophisticated variation of the classic Martini, with the addition of olive brine.

Porn Star Martini:

A crowd-pleasing mix of vanilla and passionfruit flavors, often served with a Champagne chaser.


A beloved cocktail made with lime juice, triple sec, and tequila, offering endless variations.


A classic cocktail consisting of equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, known for its timeless appeal.

Mai Tai:

A tropical cocktail with a resurgence in popularity, originally crafted to highlight high-quality rums.

Whiskey Sour:

An iconic cocktail featuring whiskey, citrus, and sugar, showcasing the timeless appeal of the classic sour formula.