9 Surprising Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Incorporate native plants, flowers, and grasses to create a micro prairie or tapestry lawn. These gardens attract birds, insects, and wildlife while restoring natural ecosystems.

Embrace Native Plants:

Combine sculptural specimen plants with airy perennials to create visual interest and attract butterflies. This dynamic combination offers lasting appeal.

Sculptural Specimens with Airy Perennials:

Replace traditional grass with a floral ground cover like creeping thyme or white clover. These plants require less water and maintenance compared to grass lawns and provide beautiful floral displays.

Floral Ground Cover:

Anchor your landscape with an accent color for elements like the door, trim, outdoor furniture, and flowers. This adds continuity and cohesion to your yard while complementing the overall aesthetic.

Choose an Accent Color:

Let a favorite flower stand out by keeping surrounding elements neutral. Flowering shrubs like lilacs or camellias can make a big statement in your landscaping design.

Accent Flower:

Coordinate flower beds with your home's exterior by using matching materials or colors. This ensures a unified look that complements your house façade.

Match Flower Beds to Home Exterior:

Utilize natural slopes by creating terraced plant beds. This cascading effect not only looks visually appealing but also makes watering and trimming more manageable.

Cascade Terraced Plant Beds:

Create visual interest by selecting flowers of the same color but varying in hue. Alternatively, opt for an ombre floral design that transitions from dark edges to a center of lighter blooms for a captivating look.

Ombre Floral Design:

Incorporating potted plants into your landscaping offers flexibility, especially for those who enjoy rearranging and redecorating. Invest in ceramic pots that complement your home's exterior.

Mobilize Potted Plants