8 Best Flowers And Plants For Shade Gardens

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Shade-loving plants with colorful foliage ranging from amber to black-red, with varieties like Midnight Rose and Peach Flambe, attracting hummingbirds and requiring minimal.

Hakonechloa & Carex Grasses

These grasses add color and texture to shade gardens, complementing broad-leaved plants.

Black Bugbane (Black Cohosh)

Features dark-purple foliage and tall, furry white flowers in late summer, adding architectural style and dimension to gardens.


Buds appear in late winter, flowering until July; they require cleanup of old flowers and leaves post-bloom.

Bleeding Heart

Known for its arched sprays of tiny pink hearts in early spring; foliage goes dormant in early summer.

Thalictrum (Meadow Rue)

Thalictrum extends the blooming period in shade gardens after plants like Bleeding Heart and primroses finish their cycles. The Black-stemmed Thalictrum Black Stockings


Ferns such as Dre s Dagger and Silver Falls (a Japanese painted fern) are favorites for their unique textures and colors. Ostrich ferns grow tall and spread, ideal for creating.

Solomon s Seal

This shade-loving perennial features low, gracefully arching stems with pale green leaves edged in white. In spring, white bell flowers dangle from the stem. Solomon s Seal is rarely.