7 Breathtakingly Beautiful Towns To Visit On Crowley's Ridge


Jonesboro, Northeast Arkansas, was founded in 1859 on the gentle hills of Crowley's Ridge. This scenic town is part of the Arkansas Heritage Trails System, marking important Civil War routes like Davidson's Approach.


Paragould, Arkansas, is a town of about 30,000 people, northeast of Little Rock and northwest of West Memphis. It was founded in 1883 by railroad leaders James A. Paramore and Jay Gould.

Forrest City

Located on the west side of Crowley's Ridge, Forrest City is a popular stop off Interstate 40 for tourists seeking fun activities, historical sites, and places to stay.

Helena-West Helena

Helena was a small town between a river and a ridge. When big factories came in the 1900s, it couldn't handle them. So, they made a new town called West Helena in 1909.


Wynne is a small town in Arkansas, named after Captain Jesse Wynne. It's on Crowley's Ridge Parkway, northeast of Little Rock and west of West Memphis.


Piggott, in Clay County, is on Crowley's Ridge Parkway, not far from Little Rock and West Memphis. It used to be called Huston but was renamed after Dr. James Piggott, who helped set up the town's post office.


Harrisburg on Crowley's Ridge is a lovely spot with nature and fun. It's got pretty views and a calm vibe. Check out the cute shops, yummy food, and old buildings downtown! 3.5