10 Best Face-Framing Highlights for Every Face Shape

Chocolate with Money Piece

Hand-painted streaks that brighten your hair while accentuating your hair color, skin complexion, and facial features.

Caramel Highlights

Ideal for those wanting to try blonde without full commitment; these highlights brighten your face while offering a soft introduction to blonde.

Rainbow Highlights

Highlights in any color, paired with your natural hair for a fun pop or an all-over fantasy shade for a striking look.

Purple Highlights

Vibrant purple face-framing highlights, especially lovely against chocolate brown hair.

Chocolate Highlights

Deep onyx paired with chocolate brown face-framing highlights, a stunning combination.

Subtle Highlights

Fine highlights in one to three shades lighter than your base for a more understated look.

Espresso Martini

Subtle face-framing highlights on dark hair, with an espresso base and light-roast coffee highlights for added depth.

Ash Brown Highlights

Ash brown face-framing highlights that add lightness and dimension to brunette hair without losing the chocolate hue.

Platinum Highlights

Classic platinum blonde highlights that suit all hair types and textures, maintained with purple pigmented shampoo for brightness.

Sunshine Highlights

A sunset-inspired look with sunshine yellow face-framing color against a vivid magenta base.